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80 % towards success is why to be successful, and only 20 % is how to be successful because listen to me, if you have a strong enough why, if you have a strong enough purpose of what you want and why you want it, then you’ll find the way you’ll, find the way or you’ll make the way you’ll figure out the hell you can’t.

Let the tyranny of the house. Stop you from getting in the game because it is part of figuring out where to start, how to get started, or how to do it. Part of that comes from you just taking massive action right when you want it bad enough; you’ll go to Google, you ‘

Ll, find the answers. When you want it bad enough, you’ll go to YouTube and access it. It is your resourcefulness to find the resources you need to build your business or achieve what you want, but that only comes when you are strong enough.

Why is it almost no different than you want to lose weight?

Is it that challenging to figure out how to lose weight?

Of course not; there is so much information and resources on how to do it. However, people often feel held back because they’re afraid to get started.

They’re afraid of going forward 100 % and think they have to know everything for them to begin right. You know, there are a lot of people out there. They want to lose 30 pounds, but they think. Well, I can’t get started yet because I got to know the right workout program.

I have to know the right eating plan, find the right coach, and find the right gym. I must see everything before I start and listen; you don’t need any of that. To start, if you have to lose 30 pounds, you must get out there on the road and start going for a walk and a run.

You know, and then guess what happens as you start taking action?

New strategies, new ideas, and better ways of doing things are now available to you. So the key is, is you’ve got to want it bad enough, and when you want it bad enough, you ‘

Let’s start by going to Google and YouTube. You’ll find the coaches and mentors, the books, and the resources because now you’re resourceful. The key here is just to start and begin.

Even if you’re not doing the right things, that’s not the right path. Taking action is better than not taking action, at least by taking action. It’s going to open up new doors and opportunities for you.

I have different criteria, so if I invest in that same training program, I look first and foremost at whether I learned something. Did I learn something that might benefit me, or does it even have to help me right now?

It could benefit me long-term because, in many cases, I learn things that don’t help me right now but they benefit me five, ten, or fifteen years later.

I remember when I was 17 years old, investing in books and resources and training programs that, at the moment, did not make a difference to my life, but 15 years later today is serving and empowering my life and a lot of people there.

They are not looking at the big picture but just in the short term. Looking to the expectation often is to get rich quickly. Instant gratification is what they want. The quick result, the magic pill they didn’t get, is that it wasn’t worth it now, and it’s not the right time.

For me, I’ll. When I have more time and money, I do it later when I can focus on it. What I’m going to focus on my success, my future, my goals, my dreams, my wealth; if you catch yourself falling into that trap of saving yourself sometime later in the future, what you’re going to find is that most likely no never comes day leads to a town called nowhere. My friends, now is the only time that you have right now in this moment.

Everyone I know who ever became successful or achieved anything significant one thing that they always say they always say this. I wish that I started earlier, and the saying that the best time to plant the tree was 20 years ago.

The next best time is right now, so you’ve got to have a sense of urgency in your life. Tomorrow’s not promised to you; today is all you have. At any moment, I believe that your life can change.

I don’t think you need anything significant for your life to change. I don’t have big criteria for something that will change my life. I believe it’s the little things in life. Sometimes, your life can change with one new idea.

One new idea: a little idea can change your life, sometimes as one new thought. One new belief system that you make by watching a video, a new distinction that you allow to enter your mind, and that new belief system is like a piece of program, like app software that’s been uploaded to your brain that can change your entire experience of life.

My perception is a belief system based on psychology, a mindset. Your psychology will be 80 % of your success; anything else will be the mechanics. Only 20 % will be the mechanics, and I always receive benefits and value because I have low criteria for value.

I could watch the same video repeatedly and hear the same things repeatedly, but sometimes, I fear it in a different way. I create a different interpretation or meaning from it or conditions that reinforce it much more profoundly.

I’m afraid of taking a risk, and I’m so scared of failure. We’ve all heard the saying: no risk, no reward, and there’s. Truth to that, and the reality is you are pursuing your goals and dreams and pursuing wealth and success in your life.

There is a risk associated with that. You’re probably going to make mistakes. They’ll probably have some failures because everyone they know has ever achieved success. We’re done.

Anything significant has failed. They’ll probably lose some time, and you’ll probably lose some money along the way, but the reality is the same. The truth is that you are staying where you are right now, in your life, being comfortable playing it safe.

You are being secure. Security is just an illusion because there’s tremendous risk in not taking action in your life, in not pursuing your goals, or in not creating financial wealth, freedom, and abundance.

It’s risky. When you don’t. Take your life. You don ‘ T live your life on your terms. You don’t take charge of your life in control of your destiny by pursuing your goals and dreams and going through what is complex and challenging; as I said, it’s who you become. The person you become will have the confidence, abilities, and skills to succeed in any market, any circumstance.

Any situation based on the attributes and the character traits that you cultivate and develop by pursuing the success and the goals and dreams that you have so don ‘ T think that by playing it, safe and not taking, risks is going to protect you, because that’s, an incredible risk not doing anything.

I also believe that the only failure in life is not trying when you’re not doing anything. In my opinion, you’re. Failing, you’re failing, and your life isn’t going to get better. It gets worse if you’re not planning or preparing for it.

So there’s! No failure! If you’re trying, going for it, doing it, and the failures and mistakes you make along the way, as long as you learn from it, it’s an asset. It’s an advantage for you, so look at things in such a way that you should be more afraid of what your life will be like.

If you don’t go for it, you should be more afraid of what your life will be like five or ten years from now. Being in the same situation you are in right now, getting cancer or heart disease, being broke, having bad credit, going into bankruptcy, or going into a divorce should terrify you a lot more than the fear of failure—and that should motivate you to do what’s necessary to create a better future and achieve your goals and dreams.