21 Ways to Make Passive Income

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If you looking to building passive income, Gillian tells you 21 ways you can generate passive income for yourself.

01:10 High Yield Savings Account
01:36 Rental Properties
02:33 Youtube Videos
03:02 Dividend Stocks
03:33 Peer to Peer Lending
03:50 Selling E-Books Online
04:32 Invest in a Startup
05:33 Sell Stock Photos
06:08 Sell Digital Courses
06:52 License Music
07:19 Create an App
08:08 Affiliate Marketing
09:02 Sell Digital Files
09:14 Cashback Credit Cards
10:15 Vacation Rentals
10:53 Car Wash
11:24 Niche Website
12:43 Vending Machines